Better at the Elevator

I like being better at the elevator than everyone else.

I work on the fifth floor in a six-floor building that houses office space and suites for various different companies. I have no reason to go up to the sixth floor and it’s not like that floor is on the way to the fifth floor where I work, so I am convinced that the sixth floor is empty. I think that no one even works up on that floor and that there are no offices, plants, receptionists or bathrooms. I think that if I actually went up to the sixth floor, the elevator doors would open and all I would see is vacant, untouched office space that stretches out to all four walls and every window had a great view.

Whenever I get in the elevator, ever since I started working in this office building, I enjoy hitting the number 5 and seeing it illuminate. I silently laugh to myself at how lame everyone else is because they did not work on the fifth floor like I do, they worked on the third or the fourth floors, or even worse, the second! Who on Earth rides the elevator if they work on the second floor??? You are already on the first floor, just take the stairs! How lazy can you be!?

Yesterday, when I got in the elevator and hit 5, I was immediately saddened when the gentleman next to me hit 6. All of a sudden he looked like the most powerful, smartest person in the world! I was jealous! He got to work on the highest floor in the building! I dropped my head, kept my eyes to the ground and when the elevator dinged signalling that we had arrived at the fifth floor, I trudged out the doors leaving the all powerful sixth floor worker to ride up to his vacant office space.

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