Only 1 week after returning to work after my European vacation, my boss took a business trip for about 5 business days, leaving me to suffer through a horrible Monday all by my lonesome. It took me a while to get some free time to myself to update my blog and let you all know how wonderful my trip was.  But here goes…

Our trip started in Paris, France. We stayed in an apartment we were renting for a week and it was incredible. Every morning we got up, ate croissants we bought the night before and then headed out for day trips.


  • photographed ourselves doing wacky poses in front of the Tour Eiffel
  • toured the inside of Notre Dame and saw the Rose Window up close
  • made fun of Napoleon’s ridiculously large tomb at Les Invalides
  • walked up over 200 steps to the lion statue at Waterloo
  • could not believe Chambord was just a hunting lodge
  • were in total awe in the gardens of Versailles
  • watched artists create the most beautiful paintings in Montmartre

It was a once in a lifetime trip and I was ecstatic to share every moment with my mother, husband and mother-in-law. We also had a few friends and families that joined our group here and there. Ryan’s aunt stopped in Paris to make some memories with us; one my mother-in-law’s exchange students from Spain hopped the train to spend Paris with us as well.

After a week of delicious foods and Nicki being the only one that could speak the local language, we headed to Belgium. We stayed in the creepiest house I have ever seen in Brugges and although we enjoyed the quaint town for the shopping and the occasional cone of fries or chocolates or waffles, we quickly burned out and were scrambling to exit this country as soon as possible. We hopped on the train a day early and escaped to London.

London is one of those cities that is just simply fabulous. We also did a lot of day trips here.


  • walked through Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace
  • made a tube stop to photograph Big Ben and the London Eye from afar
  • tried to get to London Eye, the tube told us to visit Tower of London instead
  • toured Tower of London and heard all the awesome torture/execution stories
  • read the poems on the walls of the Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey (my fav!)
  • lit a candle at Westminster Abbey (think it is still burning???)
  • visited all our London Honeymoon hot spots
  • ate in pubs for lunch every single day

I have posted pictures on Facebook and even emailed them to all my friends and family so I have decided to not post anymore pictures. Instead, I will post the four videos I took while on my European vacation.

Enjoy! –PS. I saved the best for last!

Our Apartment Paris, France

Chambord Not any ol’ hunting lodge…

Looking Back on Our London Honeymoon

Palace of Versailles

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4 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Looks like you all had an amazing time in Europe! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  2. Kristina says:

    first off…. I am still laughing at your last video… Great finale 🙂 I am glad that you and your mom, hubby, and mother in law had such a great time in Europe. Well deserved! 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. Cathy Lynn says:

    Nicki~ love your commentaries! especially your last one! Justin loved London, ever since he lived there, he has wanted to go back to stay…perhaps someday…then we could all go visit! So glad you all had a great time! Love you…Auntie Cathy

  4. Lisa says:

    such amazing video so wonderful
    produced by Hollywood’s up and coming…comic!

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