Because Mom Made It

There are certain foods made certain ways that I will ALWAYS love because that is what my Mom used to make for me when I wasn’t feeling well or was having a bad day. When I was younger, any kind of food would be considered “comfort” food for me. Let’s face it, I liked to eat.

Lately, there have been a few food items that I am replicating on my own because I am craving very specific things. For instance…

  • white toast with butter
  • white toast with butter and cinnamon-sugar
  • white toast with strawberry jam
  • fluffer-nutter
  • tea with splenda and milk

I’ve been on rotation with these five items for the past few weeks, as well as a cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese thrown in there every few days. No matter how good or bad I am feeling, mood-wise or health-wise, one of these items is bound to cheer me up.

I have recently discovered that this “because mom made it” moto is also true with my Basenji. Although she will willingly eat anything that I hand her, I think she might actually like fluff more than she likes peanut butter (which I have always proclaimed as her favorite food item). Hard to believe, I know, but you should see how wide her eyes got as she was licking off the spoon smeared with the sticky-fluffy goodness.

It has gotten chilly here in the past few weeks and if I was in New Hampshire, the kitchen counter would be cluttered with cakes, brownies, cookies, fudge and any other leftovers from the holidays. I haven’t had the energy to bake anything myself, but I think that sugar cookies are in my immediate future. Though they my not taste as good as the ones my Mom makes, they will have to do!

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