Here she comes!

The countdown is on. My mom will be in LA in 4 hours! Woohoo! I have a fun few days planned for just me and her. Once I pick her up from the Burbank airport this afternoon, we are making a few shopping stops and then heading home so she can see her grand-dog. Cali has been counting down the days on her basenji calendar to when she can see her Grandma from NH. Last time Grandma visited, she had Cali-cookies in her carry-on luggage in a zip-lock bag–one anxious basenji is hoping and praying that is the case this time.

Friday, we are meeting up with Ryan’s mom and his Grandma at the Country Club for a Christmas Lunch Buffet. Food! Can’t wait! The club always has good food–who doesn’t LOVE a buffet???!!!–and the decorations are bound to be festive. After lunch, mom and I are heading to Burke Williams for some serious relaxation. We have massage appointments in the afternoon and we plan to take our time using all the facilities the spa has to offer.

Saturday, we are meeting up with my good friend from work (let’s call her Bella) in Burbank for some much needed meatballs from Pomodoro. This restaurant is a chain in northern and southern California and it has the BEST meatballs I have ever had, no lie! Through the company we work for, Bell and I get this corporate discount called ‘Great Work Perks’ and the best perk we have found through using this discount card is 20% off your entire bill at Pomodoro. Because the meatballs were so good and because we had 20% off, we used to frequent this restaurant on our work lunch breaks, but they recently closed the one near our office!

The next closest one is  a bit of a longer drive, but we found out last week that this one was closed as well! Unless we wanted to drive to Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, Irvine or Newport Beach, the next closest one to any of us is Burbank. But luckily, this city is semi-equidistant between my house and Bella’s so we are going to meet at Pomodoro in Burbank for lunch and then go see the Disney movie, Tangled.

This Pomodoro restaurant and the movie theatre are in close proximity to a shopping mall so the possibilities for that afternoon are limitless! I love a good shopping trip with my momma!

Saturday night there is a UFC fight and Ryan mentioned wanting to see it so we might be purchasing the fight and eating in that night. We’ll see.

Sunday is another day of shopping and soaking up the time with my mom before she gets on a plane Monday morning and heads up north to see my older brother. He recently moved from San Jose to a new loft in Redwood City so she is going to see him, check out his place, and undoubtedly spoil him like she spoils me.

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