Happy Birthday to me!

Today I’m 29 years old and you know what??? I couldn’t care less!

On our refrigerator at work, they post a list of when everyone’s birthday is throughout the year. Someone came up to me and started to say, “You have a birthday coming up!” But before I could let her get past “You have” I blurted out, “I know! I’m having a boy! I’m so excited!”

She burst out laughing. I told her I didn’t care about my birthday! I’m having a baby boy, waaaaay better than turning 29!!!!

However, just because I don’t care about my birthday doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate it over 4 days…

…Saturday January 22nd, the family took me to Ocean Ave Seafood restaurant in Santa Monica. At this fine establishment, I proceeded to order, soak in butter and thoroughly enjoy a lobster dinner.

…Sunday January 23rd, Ryan took me to Fogo de Chao, a┬áBrazilian steakhouse in Beverly Hills. The 15 different selections of meat are to die for and the huge salad bar is incredible, but my favorite is the sides: warm cheese bread, crispy hot polenta, garlic mashed potatoes and caramelized bananas. Yum!

…Monday January 24th (tonight), Ryan is taking me to the Kings game, where they will play against the Bruins–can’t wait!

…Tuesday January 25th (tomorrow), my friend from work, Chicken, is going to join me for a birthday lunch at Cheesecake Factory. I recently got a gift card for this fine establishment, so I thought–why not!

It is pretty amazing to think that one year from today, I will be 30 years old and will have 7 month old son!

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  1. Momma says:

    Happy Birthday, my sweet Nicki! I still remember with joy the day you were born…my own little girl…one of the best days of my life! Dad and I still say you are one of the best things we ever did.

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