Best Months of Pregnancy

Months 5 and 6 were by far my best months of pregnancy.

  • I no longer felt¬†nausea¬†and was game to eat anything and everything that was put in front of me.
  • I was in a really good weight range so I was allowed to splurge!
  • I could walk for 2-3 miles a day without feeling any aches & pains in my legs or back.
  • I was starting to really show my baby bump and looked super cute in all of the clingy, belly-hugging shirts that I rocked pre-baby-bump.
  • I could still see my toes and had no problems shaving my legs or tying my shoes.
  • I got the best sleep and was comfortable in any position in bed.
  • I could go out on long day trips without getting winded or feeling my heart race.
  • Getting in and out of the car was a piece-of-cake…did someone say cake?
  • I showed no signs of swelling in my hands or feet or ankles, all my jewelry and shoes still fit just fine!
  • I was happy all the time and although I looked forward to meeting my baby, I wasn’t anxious to rush to month #9.

Now that I am nearing my 7th month, most of those things have gone out the window!

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