Baby’s Room

Last night we were able to sell the entire guest bed to someone on craigslist. They even came last night to pick it up, so that was a huge bonus. The people were so odd, but I was glad to see them drive the bed away leaving cash in my hand.

The guest room now has a small bedside table in it, the comforter from the guest bed, some pillows and a small chair. That’s it! We will hopefully get the room painted this weekend and get the crib assembled as well. I am anxious to see if the crib is in decent shape–you never know when you order a large piece of furniture like that online and it is shipped in a box in a million tiny pieces.

After the walls are beautified in blue with white trim and the crib is put together, I will reorganize the baby’s closet and get the clothes sorted by size. My cousin did this using the hangers the clothes were sold on and she said it was so easy to dress her son because she just went in order of size.

In two weeks I plan on finding window panels in dark brown to add a little contrast to the room. Since we are not theming it out, I don’t want the room to be too bland, but once the brown window treatments are up and all his toys and books are set out, it’s going to look great.

The next big shopping trip will be for a dresser–I’m hoping to find one in a similar color/shade as the crib, which is a dark espresso color–almost black. I think it’s going to look great against the hazy blue wall color that I picked out. And I want to stay away from baby/toddler furniture; this dresser is going to be his for a long time so I want something he can grow into. The entire room will not only be baby-ready, but toddler-ready, little-man-ready, and then teenager-ready–if we are still living in this same house in the next 15 years. You never know!

Once we get some progress on the room, I’ll start documenting it with photographs. Check back soon!

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