Baby’s Room

I hope you all enjoyed the last belly photo. I am not sure I will fit in the picture frame for much longer. Every morning when I wake up my tummy looks bigger! I continuously bounce off of EVERYTHING and I am at the point where I feel like a fatty-mc-fatty-kins. Although all the girls at work are complimenting me on how cute I look and how from behind, you can not even tell I am pregnant. Well, we’ll see what they say in another month–I still have 2 more to go! I am pleased that the stretchy belly band on my maternity pants now snugly hugs my belly and I do not have to tuck the top of the band into my bra–which I had to do for the past few months. Either that band is shrinking or I’m getting bigger…hmmm…

This weekend we got the baby’s room totally over-hauled. We had a handy man come in and touch up the walls, remove any unsightly spots and nails, fill any creepy cracks around the closet doors and replace all the outlets. We had the walls painted a haze blue (according to the Pratt & Lambert paint sample). The base boards, closet doors & bedroom door were painted in a semi-gloss white, which made everything look so satiny! The ceiling was also repainted to give the entire room a new, fresh look. The handy man also assembled the crib and hung up a new curtain rod.

When he left the house last night, the first thing I did was attempt to remove the large WARNING! sticker from the face of the crib. Now, tell me…who in their RIGHT mind puts a super sticky WARNING! sticker on the front of such a beautiful piece of furniture!?

After trying to peel it off with my finger nails (all the while trying not to dent the wood) I moved to windex to remove the sticky goop that was not letting up. After that failed, I tried warm soapy water…no luck. Then I tried to just rub the goop with my fingers and while that worked a little bit, the area of goop was so large that I would still be there rubbing it right now if I didn’t stop, take a breath go into my bedroom, open up my computer and google “How to remove sticker from wood.”

The second hit suggested pledge and right away I knew it would work. I jumped up (really it more like was a semi slump off the bed), made my way to the pledge, grabbed a cloth and started rubbing the goop yet again. Magically it all came off and did not dent the wood or leave any sign that a sticker was ever there. I was ecstatic!

Then, as I was positioning the crib where I wanted it in the room, I saw another WARNING! sticker, this one 4 times the size of the other sticker on the side of the crib, totally viewable from the hallway. Who does this?! But I was smarter this time around in the sticker-removing endeavor and grabbed my hair dryer. I started by pulling a tiny corner of the sticker and then let the warm air blow on the outside of the sticker as I slowly peeled it off the wood–and voila! The sticker was gone and did not leave a lick of goopy residue. But I still pledged over the spot for good measure.

After the crib was situated, I vacuumed the floor and hung up the curtains–the room is really coming together!  I just need to get a dresser in there and then I’m all set! Once the room is finished, I will be posting before & after photos.


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