Good Grammy Day

Yesterday, Aidan had a very good Grammy day. He spends Wednesdays every week with his Grammy Carolyn and yesterday was his first time at Camp Woods.

He was already awake and super happy when I went in his room to get him ready to go in the morning.  We did the usual morning ritual of saying good morning, smiling and laughing–then we changed his diaper. After that, we went into the bathroom to wipe his face, neck and hands–then back to his bedroom to put on his clothes for the day.

It is so chilly in the mornings when I leave for work that I couldn’t resist dressing him in a long sleeve onesie with socks and matching pants. I knew it would be about 90 degrees by noontime, but I already gave Grammy Carolyn a bunch of clothes of various sizes for her to keep at her house. And I thought she might enjoy dressing him–who doesn’t love dressing a baby!

He ate half of his breakfast bottle with out a poop or spit up (yay!) and when he paused for a burp, we made our way downstairs. Aidan was completely content the entire drive in the backseat and so was Cali in the front seat!

I handed the little man off to his Grammy, grabbed some coffee in a to-go cup (my new favorite thing about dropping him off on Wednesdays) and then headed to work.

When I got to Camp Woods after work, Cali was tearing out the front door to jump up and give me a kiss. Aidan seemed very happy, hanging out with Grammy outside in the backyard–but he looked pretty tired as well. Come to find out, pooping 6 times in one day will do that to you. Can you imagine pooping 6 times in an 11 hour period!?! I couldn’t believe he was such a poop factory for his Grammy on his very first day with her, but that didn’t seem to put a damper on their day.

He continued to be happy that evening as well. His Dad watched sport highlights with him while I made dinner and then we all sat at the table together to eat. This is the 2nd night in a row that Aidan has sat at the table with us in his bouncy chair and he split his time looking at us, laughing – and staring at the ceiling fan. It was great!

After the kitchen was cleaned up at 8pm, it was time for his bath and his bedtime bottle. He took his bath like a champ, laughing and splashing–and we struggled to keep him awake for most of his bottle. He went to sleep at 8:30pm and then he did not wake up until 4:30 the following morning! I was in shock. I thought that maybe something was wrong, but he was just exhausted.

Ryan changed his diaper and started feeding him his bottle at his 4:30am wake up and I went downstairs to pump. When I was done, Aidan was almost done as well so I took over feeding him the last ounce of milk while Ryan went to bed. By 5:15 Aidan was fast asleep in his crib and I was tucked into my bed.

When I left for work at 7am, he was still sleeping and continued to sleep until 8am, after the nanny got there and Ryan left for work–what a good (and tired) boy!

We know that every night may not go this well, but we plan on enjoying it every time it does.

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  1. Aunt Lisa says:

    I totally enjoyed living your day with you and aidan, ryan and cali. thanks for sharing!

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