All Night Long

Aidan slept through the night last night, yay!

He had teased us about a month ago by sleeping through the night for 7 days in a row–it was pure bliss! Then on the eighth day, he woke up twice in the night, we were so shocked. We didn’t know what happened to our sleeping boy.

Since that day, he has woken up once in the night, usually between 3:00 – 5:00am. On really bad nights, he wakes up at 1:00am and then again at 4:00am. We were so concerned that he wasn’t getting the right kind of sleep if he kept waking up so often when for a week’s time, he was sleeping for 10-12 hours straight! I understand if he was waking up hungry, but we could tell that sometimes he had just woken up because something startled him.

After thinking about it, we came to the conclusion that he was probably cold and was waking up because he was uncomfortable. The evening temps have dropped drastically since the summer ended so it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the reason.

Last night we decided to attempt to increase his comfort level by lying him on the afghan that my Grammie Allen made him. It is the biggest & thickest afghan I received at my NH baby shower and it made his sleeping space so warm. After his bath & bedtime bottle, it doesn’t take long to rock him to sleep. Sometimes he dozes with the bottle in his mouth. Once he’s out for about 5 minutes, we swaddle him up really tight so he looks like a delicious baby burrito and then continue to rock or sway with him for another 10 minutes. Then we set him in his crib and swaddle him one more time with another one of his afghans.

It seems like a lot, but I tell ya what, being able to sleep straight through the night because Aidan never woke up was awesome. Getting a solid 6 1/2 hours was incredible and I felt so refreshed. And I’m sure Aidan feels better too!

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