Easter 2012

This year was Aidan’s very first Easter. When he finally rolled his sleepy head out of bed, he got to open up his basket from the E-E bunny. I used to call the Easter bunny the E-E bunny. Maybe because I couldn’t say s’s or t’s very well. I was also frightened of the E-E bunny, but that’s neither here nor there.

Aidan loved the cellophane on his basket more than anything else.

Then we went to a petting zoo that was set up at the North Ranch Country Club (where we had reservations for Easter dinner later that day). At first he was hesitant to touch the animals, but then he squealed with excitement once he saw me petting them.

After vigorously cleaning our hands, we made our way to the park where Cali supervised the bigA while he ate sand.

Then it was off to the house for lunch and a bath to wash the sand away! Funny how that stuff sticks to babies like glue, finding it’s way into belly buttons and leg folds.

His bath was followed by a nice long nap so that everyone could recharge their batteries in preparation for the family dinner. It was a successful first Easter for the AMan, but I am looking forward to next year so we can have an egg hunt!

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