Night Moves

I can’t remember the last time Aidan slept through the night. I believe there were a few nights here and there in the last 3 months, but I’m on auto pilot when I hear him call for me in the 3am hour. Every night is pretty much the same…

  • I get up, go to his room to find him standing in his crib facing the door, anxiously awaiting his momma to come and pick him up.
  • I give him a hug and bring him downstairs to heat up a bottle.
  • I hold him while I pee, he slaps the toilet paper unraveling the roll.
  • I retrieve the bottle from the bottle warmer, go upstairs to the blue room and we lie on the couch together.
  • He drinks the bottle until there isn’t one drop left then he turns his head towards me and snuggles in for sleep.
  • I rub his back for a few minutes until his breathing slows and I know he’s in dreamland.
  • I walk him into his room, kiss his forehead, place him in his crib on his NH afghans.
  • I cover him with his favorite blankie and put his bunny lovie in arms reach.
  • Then off to bed I go.

One night he got up 10 minutes after the normal nightly routine and all he wanted was to cuddle with me again on the couch. Sometimes I shake things up and rock him in the glider. He doesn’t seem to have a preference as long as he can cling to me, he’s happy.

I memorize these moments so that one day, when he’s 16 and takes my car out for the first time with his friends, I can remember how sweet and innocent he used to be lying in my arms.

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