No rest for a weary Mama…

…or a giggling baby!

Aidan has made the transition from jars of baby mush to real food…bananas, toast, eggs, yogurt, apple sauce, steak, potatoes, peas, carrots – so far so good. However, with this new food routine, we have to play a guessing game with how much food the little devil is actually eating vs. how much is down his shirt, on his lap or in Cali’s mouth.

Last night we had steak & baked potatoes, one of A’s favorite meals. But he wasn’t into eating that much of it so we topped the meal off with a single serving cup of apple sauce (which he just loves) and he allows us to shovel it into his wide open mouth without argument.

But it must not have been enough food because at 3am this morning, he was awake and crying. We did our usual wait-it-out routine and at 3:21am, the crying had stopped.  I thought he had fallen back to sleep until 3:30am when he made the ma-ma call again with wails and screams. I went in there and scooped him up and tried to rock him back to sleep. We sat together until 4am and he was so still in my arms, I was sure he was asleep.  Then he giggled.

He giggled so uncontrollably while looking at the wall that he started to snort and slightly choke on his laughter.  Then I started to laugh.  I have no idea what made him laugh, but I was so tired and sleep deprived that my imagination took off and I wondered if maybe he saw a ghost and it was making faces at him.

Since there was no risk to waking him up more than he already was, I decided to change his very full diaper and then sit with him some more, see if the giggling would subside long enough for him to doze off.  We rocked in the glider until 4:45am and after I yawned about a dozen times in a span of 60 seconds, I decided to give it another go and put him back in his crib.

No sooner did I lay him down did he start to wail again. I got one leg under the covers of my inviting bed and then got back up again. I went downstairs, filled a very large bottle with milk and brought it to him. We sat in the glider again while he guzzled down the milk in about a minute.  At 5:15am, Ryan was in the shower and getting ready for work.  He stopped in to say goodbye to us and then we glided for another 15 minutes and then he was finally showing the tired eyes:

You can’t hide – those tired eyes.

And your smile – is a thin disguise.

I thought by now – you realized…

…You can’t hide – those tired eyes.

I laid him in the crib at 5:30am and he made two very tired cries and then silence. I laid in bed for 30 minutes and then reluctantly got up at the sound of my alarm and got in the shower.

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