Sing A Song

Aidan loves when I sing to him.

“How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” and “Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone” are two of his favorites when driving in the car. Especially if it is close to bedtime, he’s already cranky, and we still have 10 minutes in the car before we will get home. These songs always calm him down. He stops wailing to hear the words that I sing. Then if I stop singing, he starts to cry again, so I tend to sing these songs non-stop until we get home.

When I rock him to sleep at night, I sing a song I made up when he was just a little ball of soft baby butter…

Maybe, baby, you can be my baby

Maybe, baby, you can sleep again

Maybe, baby, you can be my baby

Maybe, baby, you can dream again

It doesn’t make sense, but he sure does like the tune.

Recently, he’s been giggling as he gets close to dreamland. I still think he sees a ghost in the corner of the room making faces at him. What else could it be?

He also gently slaps my arms–mimicking the motion of me patting his back to burp him.

Sometimes he will touch my face and poke his finger up my nose or in my mouth. One time, I was drifting off to sleep as we were rocking in the glider together and without looking at me, he reached up to touch my face. I jerked back because it surprised me and he laughed so hard I thought he was going to pee his diaper. Then I started to laugh. It’s moments like these that I love the goofy little boy, but I also know it will take a bit longer to get the serious, sleepy face back on both of us.

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