Tuscany – Day 5

Today was our fianl full day in Tuscany. We traveled by train at 8:43am from Bucine (neighboring town) to Florence where we did some more exploring of the local street shops and churches. We took some more photos and then grabbed lunch at a spot that Carolyn has always eaten at in her past trips to Italy.

We headed back to Bucine at 4:22pm and were so tired from our full day of walking around the city of Florence. But I feel like we got the good out of it.

Tomorrow morning, we will leisurely get out of bed, load up the car and head back to Rome, which is about a 3 hour drive. At the Rome airport, we will drop off the car, check into the Hilton Hotel (which is literally connected to the airport) and then train into the city for one last dinner in Italy.

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