Back to work I go…

I have been off from work since Friday afternoon, December 21st! Just insane. I don’t know how I am going to function back on the freeway as I join the masses going back to work. I will admit, I got A LOT accomplished in my 11 days away from the office. I managed to hit up the spa for a few hours, go to the mall for some indulgent clothes shopping (though I was unable to find anything just yet to splurge on), and then got some doctor’s visits out of the way.

But today I will get into the office, click OFF my out-of-office messages on my email & voicemail, spend an hour filing my emails and stock-up my bottles of water from our department shared stash down the hall.

As much as I may bitch, moan, complain and whine about it – I really do love my job. I have a lot of responsibility and my superiors even seek my opinion on big decisions. I like being a part of this all-women department – even though I do dislike the amount of gift-giving and thank-you-card writing. If I worked in a group with a bunch of men, there would be no gifts, maybe just flowers on our special day – and definitely no thank-you cards.

But as I mentioned a few days ago, my birthday is just around the corner, so that’s the next big “thing” to look forward to.

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