1 week left

There’s just one week left until my 31st birthday – that’s so insane! I can’t believe I’m going to be turning 31 and that 1 year ago, I was partying it up like a 21 year old in Vegas. That was some good times.

I know a lot of people who opt out of being at work on their birthdays, but I like to be showered with birthday wishes so I choose to go to work. Besides, it’s no fun when your birthday doesn’t fall on a Friday or Saturday. Any other day of the week and celebrating isn’t really an option. At least not Vegas-style!

Ryan & I have our plans all set for next Thursday night, the 24th. We are going to Fleming’s for a nice steak dinner and I’ll indulge in a glass or two of wine. We’ll definitely get dessert! I requested that they seat us in the private, quiet wine-cellar-type room – so we’ll see if that comes through.

My birthday is so close to Christmas and after getting showered with some pretty stellar stuff less than a month ago, I am never really that excited about birthday gifts. Well, not these days anyway. I was when I was younger, I mean – as a kid, who isn’t thrilled to celebrate THEIR day?! But now that I’m older and I have everything I could ever need or want, there isn’t much else I could tell you to get me when you ask what I want for my 31st birthday.

But if you are stumped, shoot me a quick text–I’m sure I can think of something 😉

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