Sick Boy

It’s finally February. I can’t believe my birthday month is over! I will miss you January…

Aidan is finally feeling better. His snotty nose showed signs of subsiding 2 days ago and now his cough is lessening every day since. I really couldn’t take his cold much longer. And I’m not squeamish when it comes to snot, it’s not about that. It’s about his inability to blow his own nose. He is still too young to understand how to hold the tissue (or even let me hold it) and push the snot out of his nose. Instead, he breathes it in – sometimes snorts it in – or waits for it to drip out so he can sleeve-clean it. Yum.

And because he is sucking in the snot through his nose, it goes into his throat and he does not know how to process it. He can’t swallow it so it catches in his throat and causes him to cough. He coughs so violently (because he just doesn’t know any other way to do it) that his face turns red and he will occasionally vomit. Double yum.

It took a dozen washes for me to remove the smell of puke from his blankie. Just when I thought it would never be the same again, I went hard core and got Wisk laundry detergent, which claims to remove sweat and body odor–perfect, right? I also splurged and got fabric softener, which I haven’t used since I was in college. I never saw a need to use it, but I was desperate to make his blankie smell like something other than puke. Well, one good long warm water wash with Wisk and fabric softener did the trick.

The Big A was more than ecstatic to hold his fresh-smelling blankie again. He did his ritual of balling it up and burying his face in it. Love that kid.

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