Little Finger

Saturday evening my little boy closed his little finger in the hinge-side of our closet door. I’ve never heard anyone cry so hard in all my life. All I could do was hold him, but he was delirious because he could not make the pain go away. He was screaming and waving his bloody finger in the air – the nail raised up off the top of it. We finally got him to calm down after some Tylenol, milk and mommy-love. Then he passed out and slept for 9 hours.

We started to get worried at 8:30am on Sunday morning when we still hadn’t heard from him. I was certain he’d be up all night after bumping the finger throughout the night, sleeping and rolling on it. It was so tender to the touch when he went to bed that I would have put money on him having a bad night. But thankfully he did not.

Sunday he was totally fine! I got back to the house with donuts, within minutes of him waking up to find him laughing and playing. He was certainly mindful of the new boo-boo, but it didn’t slow him down.

Looks like the nail might re-seat itself and heal, but only time will tell. Until then, you should buy stock in kid’s Band-Aids, we go through about 12 a day.


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