Perfect Weekend

I’m beginning the close of what I know was the perfect weekend.

Every night, Aidan was a joy, full of smiles and laughter. We enjoyed every second he was awake. The days were filled with sunshine, long walks and a lot of restaurant meals with a very well-behaved young boy.

It’s one of those nice weekends at the end of April that makes you believe that the coming summer months are going to be fantastic.

The highlight, of course, will be Aidan’s 2nd birthday party in mid-June. Then a rafting weekend in July and hopefully some beach days in between. We are also planning our triumphant return to Boston in late August after my mom picks up Aidan and enjoys her grandson with the Northwood folk for an entire week.

Personally, I can’t wait for her to pick him up! I love him to pieces, but I am in dire need of strengthening my social scene with my friends. I hope to go out at least three times with three of my closest friends. I also want a couple of date nights. If all 7 nights are spent out on the town or next to my hubby in the darkness of a movie theatre, I will be in heaven!

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