Heat Wave

Don’t you love the heat? I’m a bit picky when it comes to the weather. I hate the rain. Period. End of sentence, I just HATE it. Snow is ok. A brisk spring breeze is ideal. The sun is my enemy.

Not only does the sun make me burn and freckle, but it also makes it ridiculously hot! We are in the midst of an extremely brutal heat wave. Last night at 7pm, it was still a toasty 88 degrees outside. And our house is rocking right around the mid-80’s because our AC is refusing to be cool and chill, honey-bunny.

We are able to get the house down to a liveable 76 degrees by 11pm when the night air is finally cool enough for us to open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans. We are lucky that Aidan does not seem bothered by the heat. That and we keep his blinds closed to make his room a cool cocoon void of any heat whatsoever.

The heat is supposed to break tomorrow night so we have to endure one more sweaty night. Hopefully the AC guy can make a stop tomorrow and fix whatever seems to be broken with our unit on the roof.

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