What a Beautiful Day!

Today was beautiful! The sun was shinning bright and hot, the wind was blowing cool and constant. Ryan, Aidan, Cali & I went to the park as a family after we had donuts for breakfast (Aidan had eggs & fruit first, Mom, don’t worry!). Aidan had a great time swinging as high as he could go, while Ryan & I both took turns pushing him. Then Ryan and I started swinging with Aidan on my lap. He held on tight while leaning back on my chest saying ‘hug’ – he’s such a lover.

Then we did a few rounds on the slide, watching with cautious, outstretched hands as Aidan climbed up the stairs, then cheered him on as went zipping down the slide.

Aidan & Cali kicked the soccer ball around a bit in the field. Cali was screaming with joy and Aidan kept saying, ‘no, no, no’ waving his hands to the side. Cali had a hard time sharing the ball with the Big A, but she did give him a few turns.

We probably spent an hour at the park, it was a blast on such a beautiful day!

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