I Love Work!

Spending a long 4.5 day weekend with Aidan over the July 4th holiday was exhausting! I do not know how my mother did it all those years with 3 kids. I can’t fathom having another one! The amount of energy the A-man has is unreal. He just keeps going and going and going. I don’t even get a break when I rock him to sleep before bed. He never falls asleep in my arms – not anymore! He wants to sit and talk. He doesn’t really like to hear me sing or lazily hum a broken lullaby because I’m just that tired. He insists on talking about what he will do tomorrow.

“Sheesh, park, swing, slide…”

When he went down for a nap each day of the holiday weekend, I would climb into bed and crash for the same 3 hours that he was down. And then when it was time for all of us to hit the hay at bedtime, I had no trouble falling asleep. I thought I’d stay up late each night and sleep in each morning during the holiday. Nope! I was in bed early and out of bed early.

Needless to say, I was excited to go back to work in my controlled office environment. I like my personal office with a door that I can close whenever I want. I do not have to stop what I’m doing to attend to someone else’s needs (unless the big boss lady comes a’callin). And I can do whatever I want on my lunch break–which usually involves a trip to the gym.

But I have to admit, by 5:30pm on Monday, the first day after the holiday weekend, I was missing my Aidan. I couldn’t wait to get home to hug him and kiss him.

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