Not only does my little man snore when he’s fast asleep in his big boy bed, but he also knows how to fake-snore. Last night, we were playing with him between tubby-timeĀ  & bedtime. He was getting thrown in the air, climbing up on Daddy’s shoulders to get ‘tall’ and then being tossed on the pillows. He shouted “pelows” and burrowed himself in the pillows then starts to snort in and sing out like a cartoon snore. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

It’s amazing how he picks up on something we show him and then repeats it.

When he’s done chatting away in his bed and is finally asleep, I can put my ear up close to his door and hear him snoring with tiny baby breaths.

I love knowing he is getting restful sleep. I hate when we have to wake him up from a nap, but he is super sweet in those soft moment immediately following his slumber. He’s clingy and wants to be held. Love it!

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