3 Weeks!

Momma comes to California in 3 weeks for a short stay and then to steal my son! Woot woot!!!

I’ll admit, I’m a tiny bit excited about Aidan spending some quality time with his Grammy Di & Grampa Jeff. Ryan & I are looking forward to a week off. We love Aidan and we have so much fun with the little dude, but we are tired. We need to regain our strength. We need to not have parental responsibilities for 7 days. That’s all.

I have this grand idea about who I’ll be hanging with and at what clubs I’ll be rockin’ at when I don’t have the A-man at home waiting for me to return.  But knowing me, I’ll spend each and every night in bed, eating bon-bon’s, drinking ginger ale. You know why? Because I can! No wet diapers to clean, no snot to wipe up, no hugs to give…sniff, sniff…wow, I think I might miss the little guy! Love you Big A!

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