Big Pee-Pee

It’s never a good sign when you’re driving to work at 7am (after being up since 5am) and you are starting to doze off behind the wheel.

When my car started to drift to the left lane, missing the car next to me by a hair, I jerked the wheel back and opened all 4 windows to let the chilly 47 degree air slap me back to a state of being alert.

Then I had to pee so bad I contemplated pulling over to the side of the road. Somehow, bumper-to-bumper traffic makes you have to pee REALLY badly.

When Aidan wakes up from sleeping, he is very vocal about what he thinks is in his diaper. Whether it is a “big poop” or “big pee-pee” – he lets us know. That way we aren’t caught off guard.

When you’re changing him, he wants to know what the verdict is and usually wants to sneak a peak at what’s inside.

Well, it’s mornings like the one I had today that I wish I was wearing a diaper because I wanted to have a big pee-pee.

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