Sick Boy

Nothing’s worse than your child getting sick. The sniffles are one thing, but vomiting is a whole different story. No one likes puke. It’s a million times worse when it’s a 2 1/2 year old who looks up at you with wide, pathetic eyes and when you ask him, “Baby, what’s wrong?” his reply is to vomit in your lap – those are days I wish I was at the office. I love my boy and I am a firm believer in mommy-love making your sick child feel better sooner. But I do not love throw-up and I hate the sour smell of it that lingers on my hands after 12 washes.

Aidan & I had a sweet moment that is still so vivid in my mind…

I was in the midst of a head cold and called in sick to work. He was finally done with throwing up (for the morning) and we were watching Monsters Inc. He was lying in my arms and we were on the couch, cuddled up under his blankie. His tiny fingers were gripping the hand of his bunny-lovie as we napped together for an hour just like that. We were both feeling pretty awful, but lying like this together made us feel comfortable, relaxed. I slowly stood up, holding onto my sick boy and walked him to his bed so he could nap a little longer. I went to my bed and did the same.


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