Lay In Bed

One night last week, Ryan was up all night working so when he finally fell asleep it was on the couch in the blue room. He does this from time to time so that he does not disturb me or the dogs. The blue room is where is where I usually ‘rock’ Aidan to sleep before bed. It isn’t usually a problem for Ryan to sleep on the couch in the blue room, unless Aidan wakes up in the middle of the night due to a bad dream or just restless nighttime hours.

On this particular night, Aidan woke up screaming so it surprised me when I found Ryan sleeping through the racket. I comforted the little man, changed his diaper and tried to put him back in his bed, but he said, “Sit mommy couch?” I told him we couldn’t because Daddy was sleeping on that couch. I hushed his cries while I showed him where Ryan was sleeping. Aidan was perplexed. Where would he and his mommy sit to get back to sleep?

I have never done this before but I said to him, “How about this: I will get your milk and you can drink it in bed and I will lay next to you in your bed. Sound good?” He was pretty happy with this idea so he scurried into bed and waited for me to bring him some milk.

Ever since that night, when I’m done sitting with him on the couch and I carry his heavy, sleeping body to bed, he always wakes up just enough to ask me to lay in bed with him. “Mommy, lay in bed.”

How can I say no to that?

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