Aidan has finally been accepted to Warner Bros. preschool program and I am THRILLED!!!

He starts July 14, which is also the day that they start water play each morning. I went to an orientation for the preschool last week and was seriously overwhelmed with how many activities & classroom events they have scheduled for these kids. I must admit, I was worried when I heard they serve lunch family style and each child has to serve themselves. The kids must look at the food they are about to eat and decide if they need a plate or a bowl, a spoon or a fork. Yikes! Sounds like a very messy first day.

I’m worried about Aidan getting picked on while at school. He’s a lot bigger, taller & thicker than other kids his age so at the park, older kids will tease him for the way that he talks. He talks just fine for a 2 year old who is turning 3 next month. But kids see how big he is and assume he’s 5 or 6. I almost drop-kicked a 6 year old bully at the park this past weekend for telling Aidan he didn’t say ‘doughnut’ right. I could have killed that kid.

It’s probably good I’m not in the childcare profession. For one, I couldn’t handle it. That’s way too much pressure & too much stress for me to function. I’d probably pick a favorite and spend the whole day protecting them from bullies. For that reason, I think it’s probably best for me to give Aidan a full week at preschool before I drive over there and pick him up for lunch. I don’t want him to pull away from activities & not participate because he thinks I’m coming to get him at any minute. I want him to love school so much he cries when I come to pick him up. Here’s hoping!

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