Summer Break

The days leading up to Aidan’s first day at preschool feel like a summer break before he goes back to school – or in this case, starts school!

There’s so much I still need to buy for him like a lunch box, water shoes, name tags – the teachers at his preschool strongly recommended labeling EVERYTHING he brings with him. I’m trying to play out in my head everything that he will need at school so that he’s not wanting for anything.

I’m a little nervous about the morning routine. Getting him up early so he can have breakfast, brush his teeth, change his clothes and load him up in the car for the hour long drive to Burbank is going to be a bit nerve racking. I’m sure we’ll have it nailed down after the first week, but I’m still anxious.

However, now’s not the time to worry about school. Now’s the time to enjoy the summer break and make some memories we will never forget! Bring it!

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