Holidays This Year

Aidan’s visit to Santa is quickly approaching. He seems to be looking forward to sitting on Santa’s lap and tell him he wants a big boy bike — the one thing he keeps telling us he wants for Christmas. Now that Halloween is over, I’m looking forward to the holidays, the lights, the decorations, putting up our tree, all that fun stuff. I think the Big A will enjoy it more this year than in past years because he’s old enough to realize what these holidays mean — time with family, lots of food, fun, games. He loves spending time with his family members and looks forward to seeing people like Uncle Curtis, Grammy & Pop-Pop. So when we tell him he’s going to be spending time with one of them, he gets very excited. He even starts to smile & bounce in his seat saying, “I’m getting excited!”

This year, my mom will be visiting for a week in December so that she can join in the familial festivities like Carolyn’s annual holiday tea, which will include a cookie swap after all the tea & strumpets are consumed. We are also planning on spending time with extended family members while she’s in town, such as Curtis’ girlfriend, Natalie & her two young daughters. Between those two girls & Aidan, they are at that perfect age where they are easily amazed by a trip to the Grove when it’s all decked out for the holidays.

The next 7 weeks leading up to Christmas are going to be great — I’M GETTING EXCITED!

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