A Family Visit

My mom came into town for 8 glorious days in sunny California.  She got a break from the dreary New Hampshire cold and some much needed time with the kiddos: Aidan, Olivia & Sophia.  She also hung out with Curtis & myself as well!

Whether she was hanging with my family or with Curtis’ or if all of us were together, it was a great time to spend with family. We made some great memories at the Americana watching the water & light show, riding the trolley and waiting for fake snow to fall down on our heads. I think Aidan may have even tried to catch some in his mouth!

Aidan lights

Aidan snow



It didn’t feel like a long enough visit. We all got so used to seeing her everyday that this morning as I was getting Aidan ready for school he asked, “When is Grammy D coming over?” and “Is Grammy D picking me up from school?”  It broke my heart to tell him that she had gone back to NH to be with Grampa Jeff. To that he cried, “But I want to go to NH and see Grampa Jeff!”


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