Birthday Dinner

While Aidan has a sleepover at Grammy & Pop’s house, Ryan is taking me out for my birthday dinner to Ruth’s Chris. We are meeting up with JenJen and her boyfriend Rami. The older I get, the more I just want a night out with people I love. Some time off from being a mom. A good steak and a glass (or bottle) of wine. And dessert of course.

Gifts are nice, don’t get me wrong. Please do not return anything that you may have already bought for me! But I feel like I have everything in life that I really need. Now I just want to make some memories.

It’s the big 3-4 this year. When I turned 31, I had to start doing the math. I guess it stopped being important how old I was. When I was younger and my parents were in their 30’s, I thought that 35 was SO old. I still think my folks are 35. It just feels like the right age for them to be. I’m sure the appreciate it, but now that I’m in my mid-30’s I feel old and I wonder, how old are my parents?!

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