Fix It!

Home repairs suck! What also sucks is my dad living so far away he can’t just run over and fix it, whatever it is. Dryer won’t turn on, kitchen sink won’t drain. I can’t wait to see what breaks next!

The best part of being a homeowner is not wanting to call anyone because you don’t want to spend the money. So you try wicked hard to fix it. The dryer has so few moving parts that it didn’t take long before I just sucked it up and called someone to repair it.

But the sink not draining properly was different. With some drain-o, a plunger and the dispose-all running non-stop, we thought we had conquered the drain last night. Alas, we were wrong. This morning I was washing my hands in the sink and realized the water was not draining like it was supposed to (or like Ryan said it was last night after he ‘fixed’ it). I thought I’d give the plunger a go, after all, Ryan doesn’t really know how to properly use that piece of equipment. After two swift plunges and a nasty splash of sink water in my face I stepped away from the sink and picked up my phone.

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