What is wrong with people?

The largest mass shooting in US history occurred today in Las Vegas and I’m angry.  Afraid.  Worried.  Sad.

It’s clear that no where in the world is safe because there are billions of people on this planet and every one of them is different.  Some have mental issues and a strange desire to end someone else’s life.  I don’t know why.  Nor do I know how to change their minds.  Hearing the stories from people who attended the country music festival where the incident occurred.  I suppose it’s not fair to call it an incident.  It was murder.  Heartbreaking.  Terrible.

It’s hard to imagine how this could have been prevented unless guns were eliminated from the equation.  Why does someone need that many guns unless they are in law enforcement?  On an episode of Ozark, I saw a young man purchase a gun for an underage kid.  He did it within 5 minutes time and was even guided by the sales person to check the box that said he was purchasing the gun for himself, not behalf of anyone else.  I’m 100% positive that this is indicative of what occurs in sporting goods stores that sell guns over the counter.  Unbelievable.  There has to be a check and balance.  There has to be a restriction.  Melt the guns down and get rid of them already.

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