I am a huge fan of food. I have always loved to eat ever since I was a child. My mom was the best cook and everything she made was so delicious that I happily ate more than I probably should have. Yes, that’s right, I was a fat kid. My sister-in-law will kid me about it today because she has seen the pictures (click here, fourth picture down) and I love to laugh at how chubby I was because I have totally overcome all of those weight problems so it is laughable now. But I remember not thinking it was that funny when I hit freshman year in high school and I strove to eat less seconds & thirds, and do more crunches. Let’s face it, high school is not fun for anyone because they all have at least one horrifying, end-of-the-world, bad experience. And some are so lucky as to have a couple of those moments that help them put those four years into perspective. Now, back to the food…

These days, food is still a comfort for me, but I work out regularly and stay as active as I possibly can so I can eat some of my favorites and not feel guilty. I am a sucker for chocolate and just about any kind–milk, dark or white. For Easter, my mother-in-law gave Ryan and I each a 6″x3″ tall milk chocolate egg that is hollow, except for the 1/4″ thick walls all around. Of course I had to try it, I mean, I could have given it away to someone in my office, but no, I had to keep it and give it a whirl. I tried to convince myself that small bites everyday were not as bad as eating the whole thing in one sitting (which I totally could have done). But instead, I ended up eating a majority of it over two days, so on the third day, I threw the rest of it away to keep myself from eating anymore of it.

But Ryan’s was still siting there in the cupboard, perfectly wrapped with it’s pink bow. Just begging to be bitten. Then one day I couldn’t take it anymore and I crushed the chocolate into bite-sized pieces, took a few and sealed the rest in a zip lock bag. I can not help myself. Especially when it is just there, looking at me. I have no will-power whatsoever.

When I get into modes where I eat sweets like crazy, Ryan calls me “Ziggy Piggy.” It’s a line from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure when Napoleon eats this humongous ice cream sundae himself and does not save one bite for the kids who he was supposed to be sharing with (see photos here). Then a whole crowd gathers while he is eating it and they chant “zig-gy – pig-gy” as he puts the last spoonful in his mouth. Yup, that’s me, Ziggy Piggy!

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  1. Diane says:

    Nicki, you were my best food critic…although, there wasn’t much you didn’t like was there? I could always count on you to devour whatever was for supper. Remember when you told me you were varnished? (you meant famished) but I knew what you meant. Love ya, Momma

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