Running the Show

Sometimes I like running the show: being in charge of something and having people ask my permission and present things to me. A year ago, I actually had a staff of 13 people at one point. I had my moments when I truly enjoyed calling the shots. These days I am just a peon and do not boss anyone around, except Ryan and Cali, but even then those two get their way now and then.

I never really had a dream job that did not include staying at home to raise babies, while drinking ginger ale and eating bon-bons. But if I had to get a job that actually created revenue, I think I would like to become a wedding planner. The flowers, the dresses, the music, the cake—it all sounds like so much fun and I don’t think I would get sick of it either. I had a great time planning my own wedding three years ago, even though my Mother did most of it because I was living in CA and the wedding was set in NH.

I was in three other weddings prior to being in my own, one when I was around 10 and my chubby body was stuffed in a green velvet dress. But my task did not come up until after the ceremony, at the reception, when the meal was being served. That’s when I got out the white, lacy book and brought it around for people to sign. Yup, I was the book-signing-girl. My cousin Carrie got to be the flower girl. I remember the bride-to-be sitting me down in one of the spare rooms of our grandparent’s house and she told me what my role would be. I did not know how to react because I did not know what a book-signing-girl even did!

Then a few years later I was in my Aunt Lisa’s wedding as a bridesmaid. I was 12 and I remember that I got to wear a halo of flowers with white and pink ribbon trailing down my head to my back. My hair was long and super blond then. At 16 I was a bridesmaid again in my cousin Kristyl’s wedding, which was a garden wedding in my parent’s yard under a big white tent.

I was not that excited about being in weddings, until it got to be in my own. Now I want to plan and attend every wedding! My friend Tara is getting married in El Paso, TX in September and she chose me to be one of her bridesmaids. And I must say, I was ecstatic to get the invite and can not wait until the day finally arrives. I plan on being the best looking one there, so that has given me a reason to work out as much as possible to maintain a sleek figure and fit into the silky, Christmas-red dress I will be wearing. Tara let us all pick our own dress from whatever store we wanted, just as long as the color was a close match to the swatch she provided. I try not to be gushing with excitement when I speak with people about being in her wedding, but I feel as though it is a huge honor to be included in the ceremony, thus I gush.

Back to my dream career of being a wedding planner. I will admit, while the plans for my wedding were underway, every break I got at work was spent on my cell phone, burning minutes while speaking to my mother about possible locations, food choices and DJ’s. I really got into all the details and must admit I transformed into bridezilla for a period of time. But what bride doesn’t have those moments (even if they are few and far between) when they want things just the way they want them and it seems as though no one else understands how important the shade of cake frosting is? I would like to think that I could help a bride be selfish and get everything she wants. I could be the one who fights with the caterer or the florist to get everything absolutely perfect for her wedding day. Does that not sound like the best job ever?

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