Long Hours Seem Long

I have exhausted all efforts to surf the net
And wait for time to pass more quickly.
Nothing left to do and still
An hour left in the work day.
The endless possibilities of the weekend
Come to mind as I daydream about…

Crumpled bed sheets made overly soft
From constant lying, rolling and curling.

The warm, inviting smell of sleep is palpable.

Spongy feather pillows fluff under flopping heads
That fall hard when the world has quieted.

My body yearns for sleep as it sits propped
In a desk chair on wheels.
Aching muscles are ready to rest
When the long-awaited nighttime snooze arrives.

Copyright © 2008 N.E. Tasker

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  1. Nicki, I love your poems! Keep em coming!!

    Love, Lindsay

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