got basenjis?

As Cali grows older, she is more fun to hang with. These days, she is like a young adult, despite acting like a baby most of the time. Now, do not get me wrong, I loved her immensely as a young puppy when we first got her, but the amount of character that she displays these days, after learning how to live in the same house as us has been a real treat.

One of my favorite things about Cali growing up is that she has learned our vocal commands. I hardly ever have to yank on the leash or tug her along on our walks (unless the temps are high of course). I just speak to her like I would to another person and emphasize the words “go” or “come on” and she will follow my lead. I also really like the fact that she can hold her bladder for much longer than she used to. We no longer have to stay up late to take her pee right before bed, or wake up at the crack of dawn to let her out.

We can leave her at the house alone in her crate (with five rock-climbing clips to secure the crate door stays shut) and she is fine for 4-5 hours at a time. She falls asleep around 9:30pm every night and is reluctant to get up in the mornings. She loves to cuddle when she is sleepy and loves to wrestle when wide awake. It is a relaxed, yet fun relationship that we have with Cali and I know Ryan loves it just as much as I do.

I can not help but believe Cali has learned a few things about us along the way. Yesterday after work, I got all changed into work out clothes except for my sneakers and set those on the coffee table in the living room. I wanted to take care of a few things around the house before I took off for our run. But those shoes mean a lot to Cali, namely that we are about to head outside. So for the next 20 minutes, she followed me around the house at my heels, nearly tripping me a dozen times. She stayed close, looking up at me with every step as if to ask, “When are we going out?” She would huff loudly in annoyance when following me slowly up the stairs, but would jump for joy and scamper as fast as she could down the stairs when I headed in that direction. Then, at one point, I was standing at the sink in the kitchen and I turned around to see Cali standing on her hind legs in the living room with her front paws on the coffee table looking intently at my sneakers, then at me. When I came closer to her, she just smiled and wagged her tail. I put my hand on the shoes and her whole body quivered with excitement. She started to jump, pounce and float straight up in the air, then back down again. I finally gave in, put on my shoes and took her outside.

I totally love my dog and I want the world to know. So I got a decal for my car to show the everyone how crazy I am about her:

Sick, huh? I think it is great. Every time I walk to my car after work, I see the picture of this basenji and I think of my Cali and it makes me chuckle to myself.
My friend Tara, upon seeing the decal this past Saturday, told me I would be one of those soccer moms that decorates their car with decals. We will just have to see about that…

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