A Busted Finger (continued)

There is a happy ending to my sad story about my finger getting slammed in a car door and that is what I really wanted to tell you all about. But I had to preface the happiness by going into great detail about the pain I went through four months ago so you will understand why I am so thrilled about the final outcome.

With my bloody broken nail in the past, I have slowly nursed my finger back to health. I started by painting nail polish over the hole and that did a good job of covering up the dark blue blood still under the nail, but as it grew out, the blood separated the nail layers starting at the cuticle. And with me constantly picking at it, the top, strong layers of nail peeled away leaving the thinnest, weakest layer on my finger. I could hardly use my right hand without brushing the tender nail against something and having a feeling of pain shoot through my hand because the nail had so many nerves exposed.

I finally broke down and went to a nail salon to get white powder acrylic applied to the finger to strengthen the nail. This worked great, except for the fact that this one nail was thick and chunky and the others were long, slender and natural. I diligently clipped and painted my nails weekly to keep them strong while they grew and got used to the idea that I would have to superglue the piece of acrylic every five days to keep it from falling off. Acrylic is weakened by nail polish & remover as well as water. When acrylics are worn on all nails, you usually go to get them “filled” every two weeks to keep them strong and attached to your own nails underneath.

I had the acrylic on for about six weeks before I finally peeled it off last Friday, unable to stand another day looking at the faded yellow piece of plastic hanging onto my nail by seven coats of nail polish. After the acrylic was gone, low and behold, a strong, healthy nail was revealed—I couldn’t believe it! I so love my natural nails and never knew how much until this incident. The way they look and feel is so great and I love how easy it is for me to take care of them on my own and not have to pay for weekly manicure visits. I would die if this ever happened again. To this day, I close all doors with my feet.

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