The Bachelorette Update

I was able to watch all of the Bachelorette last night and forgot how much I love this show! Things are really heating up for the guys and I think that it is going really well for DeAnna. She seems to be making the right choices and is determined to fall in love with the one guy that is right for her. On one of her one-on-one dates, she chose not to give the rose to Richard, meaning he had to leave that very night and she was visibly upset about it. What ABC is doing with this show this season is allowing the Bachelorette to explain her choices so that the viewers are not caught off guard. This allows everyone else watching at home to be in tune with what is going on in DeAnna’s mind.

Now, that isn’t to say she did not surprise us by keeping the somewhat goofy guys on another week (see Jesse and Twilley below).

But at some level, I think DeAnna gets rid of the guys that she envisions the least as being her husband. These two goof balls up top are really sweet. I like Jesse the most out of the two of them, he is really sincere with her and with the guys.

They did a cowboy themed group date this week where there was line-dancing, bull-riding, and story-telling by the fire.

Each week, DeAnna gets more comfortable with and close to Jeremy. And when she isn’t looking, the guys continue to hate on him, especially Ron, who has been married before for 12 years, yikes! It is not like Jeremy is a bad guy, he just isn’t a “guy’s guy” as DeAnna put it when she confronted Ron about it yet again this week. To the cameras, DeAnna made a comment that Ron was more like a motivational speaker…especially when he told her he got a case of the “DeAnna’s” that morning. It makes her sound like a disease! I wonder why he did not get a rose this week…

My mom was totally right about the single father, Jason. He has a 3 year old son name Tyler and on his one on one date this week with DeAnna, he let the cat out of the bag and she took it really well. I thought she would run for the hills, but my mom said she would embrace it, and that is exactly what she did by giving Jason a rose to keep him there another week. She even gave him a gift right before the rose ceremony which was that she had a star named “Ty” for Jason’s son. I thought Jason was going to cry when he was reading the piece of paper wrapped up like a diploma, but I am glad he did not, shows he is not a pussy. Jason is really cute and the pictures of his kid are just as cute, he is definitely stiff competition for my two picks, Jeremy and Graham.

Graham was one of the guys that DeAnna was nearing the fence on this week. She feels like he is not good at communicating at all and when she confronted him about this, he let it out that it is really hard for him to know that she is being intimate with other guys, not just him. He confessed his deep feelings for her, which is why he gets so jealous. Does this sound familiar? This is exactly what Shayne did with Matt on The Bachelor when they were in Vegas.

All of the guys got to meet Ellen DeGeneres this week (one of DeAnna’s newest and closest friends), and they got grilled by the comedian and talk show host, which was really funny. Ellen also brought up this communication flaw in Graham as well when speaking to DeAnna afterwards. She made a really good point about the fact that despite his good looks, he has not had that much experience with dating and only had one long relationship that lasted five months. DeAnna seemed to take this to heart.

One way funny moment was before Ellen got to give out a rose, she had them all drop their pants and they were all wearing her underwear. I was screaming with laughter.

The three guys who get to move into the mansion with DeAnna are Jason, Robert and Fred.

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