Four Day Weekend

In addition to Monday, I also have tomorrow off. I do love a four day weekend. I am a huge fan of sleeping in and bumming around the house in my pj’s. I have a fun day planned tomorrow when it is just Cali-And-Me. Temps should be in the high 70’s so we are going to go to my in-laws for a swim in their pool. After a couple tiring hours of running and jumping after tennis balls, we are going to head to Golden Spoon for some fat free frozen yogurt. Nothing like a cool treat on a hot day!

Saturday we are all gathering at my in-laws to watch the USC game and then Sunday and Monday are reserved for sleeping and movie-going. I know what you are thinking, I lead a very exciting life. But these are by far my favorite kind of weekends.

After Labor Day, the countdown is on for my friend’s wedding in El Paso, Texas—three weeks away! My mom is my guest to this event and I think it was the perfect choice—this wedding has turned into a girl’s weekend away from our men. We are getting all dolled up every night we are there and are going to fully enjoy our time together. I will be posting some pictures of the event, so be sure to check back in!

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