I Love Weddings

I love weddings; the flowers, the dresses, the DJ–I think it is so much fun! I will be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding this coming Saturday. I fly out on Thursday morning and land in El Paso, TX around 1pm. My mom is flying out from NH to be my guest and the minute she steps onto the El Paso soil, the fun begins! The bride is planning outings every night for everyone because all of the guests (excluding the groom’s immediate family) are visitors in this town.

I have been helping the bride out with her gown the past few months with fittings and alterations—it feels like only yesterday that she was trying on wedding dresses and now the wedding weekend is finally here! I know she has been working so hard to not gain any weight, but not lose any either, which was one thing that was not that hard for me to do three years ago when I was getting married. My dress had no hold-you-in wires or thick fabric, it was all lace so the bumps would be quite visible if I didn’t watch what I ate. But at the last fitting, when I tried on the dress and realized it was tight around my mid-section (toughest part of my body to keep trim) I was from then on determined to be slim. I ate salads and ran everyday. I can remember stepping into my gown on the morning of my wedding, all the bridesmaids holding a piece of the dress and zipping it up and actually feeling comfortable. It was not tight at all and I was thrilled! I may never feel that skinny again and with no real drive or motivational event in the future to keep me from over-indulging in the things I love the most, it has gotten hard to stay trim. Just three years later my metabolism has slowed down to a snail’s pace. But I digress…

The wedding ceremony is at 2:30pm on Saturday so I plan on surprising the bride and bridesmaids with champagne in the bride’s room while we all get ready. She’s having hair dressers and make up artists available to help beautify all the girls, so a little champagne all around will help get the party started…early. I had a breakfast buffet in my room on my wedding day because we were saying our vows at 10:30am, a little early for champagne. But I have yet to do one of these girly-get-ready-together things so a little bubbly will only add to the fun.

The bride asked me this past weekend if I was going to party, drink, dance and have fun at the reception. I have been fairly reserved since marrying my husband and the outings have gotten few and far between. But I said to her, “I plan on drinking heavily and dancing non-stop all night long—I will probably walk on the plane Sunday morning in my bridesmaid’s dress.” She laughed out loud, it was just the answer she was looking for.

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