18 Days Until Christmas…

The sun sets soooooo early in the winter months, I really do hate that. I love that California has warm weather most, if not all of the year, and the sun stays up to emit enough heat to exercise until 6:00-6:30pm every night. But with the time change and the winter season approaching, it gets cooler and darker so much quicker. By the time I get home, it is 5:15 and it is already dark!

I haven’t worked out in weeks and I feel like such a slacker. At least in New England, it gets so cold that everyone can hide their winter fat under lots of fabric. But on the West Coast, the heaviest layer is probably a light jacket. So there is not a cycle of losing weight for the summer, then gaining it back at Thanksgiving & Christmas. I really hate that about California. But I guess it is a good thing so I keep myself in check and do not over-eat every chance I get.

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