9 Days Until Christmas…

The countdown until Christmas is on! I can not believe this holiday is less than 10 days away from today! Did I tell you I have already shipped all my Christmas gifts back to New Hampshire to my brothers, parents and cousins? All the gifts for my family in California are all wrapped and ready to go as well.

I am so glad to be done with the Christmas shopping. I really do hate when I put it off until the week before the holiday and I have to aimlessly wander the mall looking for something good enough to give to family and friends. I did that one year and it turned into a handful of not-so-exciting gifts for my boyfriend at the time. He was less than thrilled to open up the cross-stitched pillow, puzzle and any of the other crappy gifts I thought he might be OK receiving from me. I remember he got me something way better, too, which made my gifts to him that much worse.

Ryan gives me a hard time about the very first Christmas we spent together. He had gotten me a dark brown, leather & fur winter jacket. It is by far, to this day, my favorite gifts Ryan has ever gotten me. The only thing I hate about having this great jacket is that it never gets cold enough in Los Angeles to actually wear it. But it is still my favorite gift.

In return for that incredible leather & fur jacket, my gift to Ryan was a black, leather wallet with his initials on it. My mother and I thought it was the perfect gift, but Ryan was not that excited about it. We still laugh about it to this day, I say, “Do you remember that wallet I got you that one year with your initials on it…” and he’ll chuckle and say, “Yeah, THAT was a great gift.” I’ll try to rebut with something like, “We had only been together for a few months, it was our very first Christmas, I didn’t want to over do it.” But he continues to give me a hard time about it.

Every Christmas, Ryan still out-gifts me. I have stopped trying to keep up, I think he enjoys giving gifts more than he likes to get them. If that’s not the quality of a perfect husband, I don’t know what is.

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