6 Days Until Christmas…

My cousin, Brianna, was my flower girl at my wedding three years ago. When I was 20 she was born and that summer while I was home from college, I took care of her. I loved playing with her while she was a little baby, but it is so much more fun now that she is a walking, talking person. She has her own opinions, laugh and her own spoiled-little-girl-way so that she gets anything she wants from her Daddy (I can sometimes still do the same thing to my Daddy). I do not see her that often, but she is so memorable when I do.

Well, we both loved this Christmas Disney Tinkerbell ornament that my mom had on her tree. It was Tinkerbell, sitting on a snowflake—by far, the best looking Disney ornament on the tree. Apparently, Brianna loved it so much that she asked if she could have it to hang on her own tree at home. My mother was happy to give it to her and it spent an entire year hanging on Brianna’s window sill, then on her tree at Christmas time. A week ago, while visiting my mom, Brianna brought the Tinkerbell ornament to put it on my mother’s tree, right next to a Minnie Mouse ornament.

This past Saturday, my mom hosted the annual Holiday Cookie Swap and when Brianna walked in the house, she went straight for the tree and saw that Tinkerbell was missing! My older brother, Curtis, tends to tease Brianna and everyone was certain he removed the ornament and hid it another place on the tree. He kept saying, “I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Tinkerbell.”

After hours of no sign of the ornament, Curtis finally told Brianna that Tinkerbell was in the trash. Low and behold, there she was, all crushed and chewed up, courtesy of Daisy. Daisy is a mischievous dog that finds 100 ways to be in your face all of the time. She is also good at gently plucking a single ornament without disturbing the rest of the tree.

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