Old Clothes – New Again!

Not to brag, but at my 6 week check up with my OBGYN (6 weeks after delivering my son) I was 3 pounds away from my pre-baby weight–yay me! I only gained 25 pounds during my pregnancy and was able to drop nearly all of it by the time my doctor gave me the go-ahead to do full-on exercise.

I didn’t start running again, but did continue to get 30 minutes of speed-walking daily with Aidan in his stroller and Cali on her leash. But after my nanny started working, I did less walking and more escaping from the house for me-time. Any mother would understand!

Now that I am back at work as of this past Monday, I have tried to take everyone for a walk once I get home, but it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Once I walk in the door, I say hello to my crazy basenji and then I pick up my baby boy. Sometimes his schedule allows me to change into work out clothes and sneakers for a walk right away, but sometimes he needs his bottle, in which case everything is on hold while he gets a late afternoon snack. While I enjoy pushing the stroller with Aidan facing me so that I can look at him taking in the sights (and I get a more vigorous work out that way) some days I just want to hold him close to me while Cali & I walk around our complex enjoying the cool afternoon air.

As a result of not looking like I just had a baby, all of my old clothes are fitting me again–even my designer jeans from London. I find myself enjoying waking up early to shower, style my hair and put on nice clothes and heels for work. I haven’t been able to wear these clothes and shoes for about 11 months so it is like I have a brand new wardrobe! Every Sunday night I pull out the clothes I plan to wear that week and I steam them and decide which shoes will go with which outfit.

Going back to work feeling as skinny and pretty as I looked made my first day back a fabulous one. I got a million compliments from my co-workers–and who doesn’t love being told how awesome they look?!

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  1. Aunt Lisa says:

    oh yes, old habits die hard. i remember how you used to get everything done early…your clothes organized, your homework project done before it was even given, yada yada. your mom and i used to laugh…really we were jealous!

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