Chocolate Addiction

It’s not any ol’ addiction to chocolate, but DARK chocolate. A few weeks after I had Aidan, all I could think about was dark chocolate–what brands were the best, who had the best prices.

I even got in the habit of buying different labels/brands to try out at every store I was at. Three from Target, 2 from Ralphs, a couple from Vons and a few from CVS. Every where I went, if they had a candy aisle or a kiosk or a display of gum–I searched for dark chocolate and would buy at least one bar.

Today, I was at the CVS and there was a sale on the Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate where if you bought 2–you got 1 free–what a deal!!! I like this brand of chocolate–but my favorite is a no-name brand from the Ralphs grocery store. Not too bitter, but sweet and decadent.

I was able to twist the arm of my work friend Jennifer to have a couple squares of one of the cadbury bars. I asked her to split it with me so that I didn’t eat the entire thing myself, but let’s face it, I DID want to eat it all by myself and not share a single piece! And unfortunately, Jennifer knows what a nut I am about dark chocolate so she was more than willing to take a few pieces but let me have the rest.

I am not used to being hungry during the slow time of our afternoons at work. In the past, I kept a bunch of snacks at my desk, but with this being my first week back after maternity leave I have yet to stock up. I did buy some dry-roasted almonds yesterday so I have been snacking on those.

Despite indulging in almost an entire bar of dark chocolate today, I still had to top it off with a handful of almonds. I hate when you do that: you have 1 snack and then you can’t help but add a 2nd or a 3rd.

I don’t feel like I failed today, however, in my endeavor to not eat total crap all day long. I did have a super healthy lunch–salad with watermelon for dessert. I try to eat relatively well during the day while at work and then I don’t let myself feel bad if dinner is a food orgy of carbs, fats and not a lick of veggies. Besides, you only get one life to live, why waste it dieting?

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2 Responses to “Chocolate Addiction”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m turning you into Chocolate Addicts Anonymous!!!!!

  2. Aunt Lisa says:

    I totally know how you feel…I also am a snack junky. I had thought of joining junkfood junky-anonymous, but all the members knew me…! kind of defeats the purpose of being anonymous!

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