New Camp-shire

September 1, 2012 will be Aidan’s first trip to New Camp-shire.

Now, I know he’s been to New Hampshire before (in May 2012 to celebrate Carrie & Andrew’s wedding as well as to visit family & friends) but next month will be Aidan’s first trip to New Camp-shire to spend some quality time with Grammy Di & Grampa Jeff.

They have some fun activities and day trips planned for the Big A, to not only entertain him, but to make some memories.  I know they will have a lot of fun with the little man on this trip.  It’s so hard when half your family lives across the country, but hopefully this visit will help to make it a bit easier.

I will be leaving NH on Thursday, September 6 for Italy, where Ryan & I will spend 15 glorious days eating, drinking – and eating – and drinking.  Ok, I will probably be doing all the drinking, but we will both have our fair share of pasta, pizza, gellato and more gellato.  I guess we’ll see some sights too while we are there – I mean, why not, right?

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