Dance With Me

Aidan is a fan of music.

If a commercial comes on that has music in it and I am sitting on the couch, he will push my legs (his way of telling me to stand up) and then he will lift his arms in the air and say “up!” Once I pick him up, he will lay his head on my shoulder as we dance to the music. He likes all kinds of tunes as long as he has a dance partner. One night, after dinner at the country club, he wandered over to the live music and in the same fashion, asked a stranger (who was dancing) to pick him up so that they could dance together. He laid his head on her shoulder and she held him close. She told me she has a grandson that looks just like him and she was happy to get a baby hug. When the song was over he waved buh-bye and blew her a kiss.

One day, I walked down the stairs at our house to find Ryan holding Aidan so close with A’s arms draped over his shoulders as they swayed to a slow song. Made my heart melt.

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